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NERO Rocket motors Smoke Signals

Smoke Signals

Exhaust gasses tell a lot about the type of rocket motor that is used, as you can see on this page.

On the left, the oldest motor type is shown: Sink-Sulphur. These motors always give a bright orange trail. The fire is spitting out of the end of the rocket. This fuel was used very frequently, but nowadays you'll find it very sporadic.

In the middle the composite motor exhaust gasses are shown. The used fuel is the same fuel that is used in the Solid Rocket Boosters from the Space Shuttle. This type of motor produces a transparent smoke trail, with a small bright fire in the middle.

On the right the KNO3 motor is shown. This fuel is broadly used, since it is cheap and easy to fabricate. This kind of fuel is characterized by a white smoke trail,