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Pictures H7

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b H7b
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Look at the pictures and drawings of the H7.


H7a [Top] [Contents]

38 KB
Construction of the parachutes of the H7

47.9 KB
The flight of the H7a rocket against an almost blue sky above the Artillery Shooting Range ASK 't Harde in Oldenbroek.

83.3 KB
Touchdown site of the H7a first stage.

86.2 KB
The - intentionally - impacted second stage of the H7a rocket. After recovery of this stage, it proved to be undamaged and needed only some re-painting.


H7b [Top] [Contents]

81.0 KB
The builders of the H7b before launch at the launch campaign at the Artillery Shooting Range ASK 't Harde in Oldenbroek.

59.6 KB
The final pre-flight test of the flight control computer of the H7b.E

31.9 KB
The H7b just prior to launch.

41.5 KB
Inserting the H7b rochet into the launch tower requires several hands.

57.7 KB
The H7b placed in the launch tower, ready for launch.

104.0 KB
The lift-off of the H7b rocket.

56.0 KB
The H7b rocket after a quite hard impact, caused by the flight control computer aborting the remainder of the flight. The two stages descended together, just on the parachute of the first stage.

H7c [Top] [Contents]

50.6 KB
The H7c rocket at the last check before launch.

23,8 KB
The H7c being inserted into the launch tower.

97 KB

49 KB

34.1 KB
Explosion of the ignition charge of the first stage of the H7c rocket, causing the rocket to be thrown away from the launch tower.

57.1 KB
Flight of the H7c just making it clear of the launch tower.

28.7 KB
The H7c just before the highest point.

31.0 KB
The H7c at the highest point.

32.7 KB
The H7c just after the highest point.

55.6 KB
The H7c just before impact.

66.0 KB
Inspection of the crashed H7c at the impact site.

79.3 KB
Inspection of the crashed H7c at the impact site.

32 KB


H7d [Top] [Contents]

29 KB
De bouwers van de H7d tijdens de lanceercampagne op het ASK 't Harde in Oldenbroek.

25 KB
Laatste overleg voor de lancering

16 KB
De H7 wordt met vereende krachten in de toren geplaatst.

26 KB
Lancering van de H7d  met laaghangende bewolking.


H7e [Top] [Contents]

154 KB
The evening before, the finishing tough is applied to the H7e.

195 KB
Settings from the data acquisition system are checked with the use of a PC and a interface cable.

292 KB
Before the launch, the electronics are switched on, the electronics compartment is closed and the pyro's are armed. After that the rocket can be placed into the tower.

153 KB
With united strength, the more than two meter long rocket is placed gently into the tower.

149 KB
The launch of the H7e, when the rocket is just above the tower.

202 KB
Close-up of the launch of the H7e.
47 KB The landing of the first stage of the H7e. During the recovery of this stage, we suspected that a pyro-technical; part of the H7e was lost. We leaved disappointed, when the part was found by the last man. It had been situated beneath the rocket and therefore has been overlooked by us.

100 KB
The landing place of the second stage of the H7e. Clearly visible is the interlaced parachute that almost caused the loss of the second stage. Also the damaged noise-cone can bee seen.

34 KB
The first and second stage of the H7e after the recovery. Clearly visible is that the parachute lines are twisted.


H7f [Top] [Contents]

Blauw=nieuw Rood=bezocht film
3.779 KB
See a spectacular film of the H7f, filmed from within the rocket.

23 KB
The H7f is launched as a single stage rocket. See the full configuration here.


60 KB
RDAS module who controls data-acquisition en flight control.

14 KB
One of two antennas used for transmitting the video-images to the ground.

54 KB
Preparing the rocket for launch.

57 KB
See the GPS antenna in the nose cone.

32 KB
The builders of the H7f before launch at the launch campaign at the Artillery Shooting Range ASK 't Harde in Oldenbroek.

64 KB
Ready to launch.

80 KB
Rocket put into the tower.

77 KB
And we have a lift-off.

42 KB
Results of a 'hard' landing.

56 KB