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NERO Projects H10 Rocket Technical specialists

The H10 Rocket - Technical specialists







Frans den Boer

High frequency (transmitters), Mechanics, Pyrotechnics.

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Leo de Bolster

Penta Motors, Hybrid Motors, Rocket Motors, Walking around, looking (but not driving) motors.

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Pasfoto Jeroen Brinkman

Project management, Sponsoring, NERO website, Finn sanding and not being polite when deadlines are missed.

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Iliya Cerjak

Designing, designing and more very good designing, violin cases with striking content.

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Lambert Everts

Transmitters, gyroscopes and 65+ facilities.

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Jos van Hertroij

Chemistry, Electronics and dreaming about disassembling fighter jets.

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Henk Hofstra

Smart Sensors, Smart thinking, Radar guided guns and ballistic calculations.

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Stijn Rammeloo

Programming, car driving and car driving

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Jan-Willem Schmidt

Mechanics, instrument maker extra-ordinaire, specialist in production- and demolition techniques.

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Laurens van Vliet

Rocket architecture, Flight and trajectory calculations, Crashing (flying) saucers.

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