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Pictures H8

1 H8a

On this page you'll find the pictures of the H8 project. Although flight and launch are easy to follow with the bare eye,  it is hard to take good quality photographs. The distance kept to the launch tower for safety purposes makes detailed flight photographs almost impossible.


Pictures H8a [Top] [Contents]

The canards of the H8. Two of them are fixed (on the photograph top and bottom), the other two can be moved (on the photograph front and back). Both the fixed and the movable fins are placed in line.

Bernard finishes the electronics of the H8.

The H8a is brought to the tower.

Designers and builders of the H8.
The H8 is placed into the tower. A delicate job because the G-switch (who detects the lift-off) may not be activated. If this happens, the rocked need to be opened again in order to reset the electronics.  The pyro's of the parachute hatch are secured with a safe plug who arms the rocket if removed.

Launch of the H8a.

The H8a just above the tower. The canard fins are visible just below the nose-cone.
i-picture.gif (1292 bytes)
Poster H8a. Download a photograph upon A3 format with the flying H8a.
The H8a after it had chosen the one and only asphalt road in the neighbourhood to land on. As a result of this the rocket was badly damaged. Fins, the step motor and the parachute compartment must be considered total-loss. Especially the replacement of the parachute compartment will cost us a large amount of work.

Project members and visitors around the H8a.

The displaced shaft of one of the step motors that move the canard fins. When this photograph is compared to the first photograph on this page, the difference can be clearly seen.